Sponsoring a Child

A sponsorship gives a child the chance for a future worth living.

Lebanon: Give hope with a sponsorship and allow Syrian refugee children to attend school in Lebanon. The small country of Lebanon currently gives home to around 1.8 million refugees. However, Syrian refugee children can continue their education and attend school in Lebanon only if they receive financial support. You can help the children where they are by sponsoring them.

In Ghana, the children we support live in an orphanage where they get food, clothing and basic medical services. They also receive a school education.

In Burkina Faso, a child attending school lives at home in the village with its family whenever possible or is placed in foster care. Support is needed for school fees only. Depending on the situation and the needs of the individual child, we try to find the best solution.

Because of the precarious situation caused by the streams of Syrian refugees, we are currently looking primarily for donors who are willing to support Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

A school education enables the children to live a self-determined life and participate in social processes.

With a monthly donation you can sponsor a child.
Partial sponsorship:    50 CHF/month
Full sponsorship: 100 CHF/month

Foundation of Hope is exempt of taxes. Your donations are tax-deductible in Switzerland (federal taxes) as well as in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land. If you live in another canton, please contact us. We will petition for tax-deductible status there as well. At the beginning of each year you will automatically receive a donation receipt to hand in with your tax declaration.

Please contact us if you are interested:

Foundation of Hope
Dr. Angelika Hettinger
Kornfeldstr. 16
4125 Riehen
Tel. 061 535 24 24

All help is welcome. We will also be glad if you support the project with a one-time donation.
Bank details:
WIR Bank Genossenschaft, 4002 Basel
Konto: 40-10970-0
IBAN: CH28 0839 1162 6788 9150 0

If you want to become a sponsor, you can sign up directly below: