Children’s home 'Eagles Kids', Ghana:

The children’s home 'Eagles Kids' is situated close to Accra, the capital of Ghana. It hosts, cares for and protects orphans and socially needy children who would otherwise live in the streets. The children are supplied with food and clothing, and receive medical care and school training. But most of all they receive love and proof that their life is valuable. School fees in Ghana have risen steadily throughout the past years. Foundation of Hope is seeking sponsors who will give the children the opportunity to receive an education. Your donation can help to bring hope and make miracles happen. With a monthly contribution of 50 CHF you could partially, with 100 CHF you could fully sponsor a child. Alternately, you can support the project with a one-time gift.

Supporting a school in in Burkina Faso:

Only about 37 % of the children in Burkina Faso have the opportunity to attend a school. There are only few schools in the country. In addition, most parents lack the financial means to pay for tuition and school materials.

Foundation of Hope supports the school in Kiendsom, a rural area in the province of Namentenga, about 8 km from Boulsa, a town 200 km north of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Some 250 students attend the school. Their duties include helping with field and garden work around the school building.

The school offers its students perspective and hope both, on a regional and national level.


Christmas and Easter Decorations

Easter and Christmas are very special holidays in the schools in Lebanon. Preparations begin weeks before when teachers and children alike start making decorations. The children participate with much joy and devotion, producing pretty handicrafts and decorative drawings.